Client Testimonials

Working with Gary has been an incredibly enlightening experience that allowed me to take steps in the right direction for company growth. He is extremely thoughtful, articulate and. as his title suggests, therapeutic in his approach to understanding your business before providing insight enhanced by his vast professional experience. I highly recommend Gary for companies in all stages of growth, as he has worked in each of those stages and helps owners carve a personalized road map to success.

Bryan Brown

CEO & Founder


Bill and I thank you for your help with our business over the past year.  Thanks to the time you spent with us and attention to our needs, we were able to use your ideas and tactics to move our business forward.  With your many years of business experience, you were able to give solid recommendations and advice in many different areas of running our business.

Although outside your normal Business Therapy services, your efforts in putting together an extremely professional proposal for our company to present to one of our largest clients was money well spent.

Cindy Enscoe

Partner & Founder

Axis Business Consultants

Anyone can register a company name, set up a bank account and start selling something, but we often underestimate the criticality of proper guidance and mentorship. Gary’s breadth of entrepreneurial experience and supportive, yet forthright, wisdom set the foundation I require to plan and manage my business. Alongside other core business functions, such as accounting, NuCoPro is a priority to our growth and success.

Dan Brumbaugh

CEO & Founder


Gary Rosensteel has been instrumental in strategic planning and driving revenue growth for our company.  As a business therapist, Gary played a major role in the development of systems and programs that helped us take us to places we could not have reached alone.  Like many startups we went through some growing pains and dark times.  Gary helped us through it all and is worth every penny.  He continues to regularly advise our leadership team, and I am proud to call him my friend.

Ethan Nicholas


Pittsburgh Business Exchange

Gary Rosensteel was an amazing mentor and advisor as I was starting my entrepreneurial career. He helped me create the plans leading to the initial major funding of my first endeavor, AddThis, which, within a few years, helped over 15 million businesses market their websites and increase their traffic to reach over 2 billion people worldwide.

Hooman Radfar

Serial Entrepreneur + Investor

Without Gary, my business would be nowhere near where it is today. Having that outside voice of reason helping me make decisions and organize priorities has been a game-changer for me; especially when feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to really move the needle on my business.

Everyone needs a ‘Gary’ in their toolkit to take their business to the next level! His sought-after guidance is invaluable to any small business owner.”

Kayla Starta

President & Founder

Starta Strategies

Gary helped me gain clarity by reinforcing the concept that I needed to quit doing what I had been doing, or my dream would never come to fruition!  His guidance helped me break away from old practices, and boldly move forward with a plan that made financial sense and empowered me to forge a new path

Nancy Griffith

Owner, Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Skinny Jeans Forever

I engaged Gary to learn how to grow my IT managed services business. When meeting with Gary, I always feel he genuinely cares. When coming home, my wife always knows when I met with Gary, because I am MORE excited about growing my business. The great thing about Gary is he always gives honest feedback, which really helps my decision making.

P.J. Semplice

CEO & Founder


Sometimes business owners are not able to see the forest through the trees. It is hard for them to be objective and they typically fall into the same patterns of doing things because they are “comfortable”. But comfortable isn’t necessarily correct. They are so busy running the business, it is hard to step back and say “what about this”? Gary is completely objective, which allows him to make recommendations an entrepreneur would not think of, let alone consider. As a business therapist, Gary has a logical, straightforward approach to problem-solving and offers realistic solutions.

Susan Dunhoff

Founder & Professional Matchmaker

The Modern Matchmaker

I’ve often heard our worst enemy can be ourselves. I scheduled several sessions with Gary Rosensteel to review my business challenges. During this process, he helped me identify my problem was personal challenges I created for myself; leaving me feeling vulnerable, weak, and confused. Gary was very reassuring and comforting, and guided me gently, while I worked...

Susan Miller

CEO & Founder

Women’s Small Business Association

I engaged Gary Rosensteel when I was involved with a project creating many challenges for my company.  I had met Gary earlier, then, during a business networking event, I shared my frustrations, and explained the issues I was facing.  Gary, with his calm demeanor, listened and allowed me to go on forever.  When I was done, he smiled and said: “have you considered . . . .”   I was stopped in my tracks!!!  With just one sentence he was able to make me see things from a different angle.  I knew I needed to schedule a one-on-one meeting with him in a more appropriate setting to really learn from his wisdom and experience.

Gary, gracefully, accepted my request, asked me to write a list of the issues I was facing, and bring all documents and materials relating to the project.  Through a series of meetings, he helped me prioritize tasks, eliminate a few, and shift my attention to areas I once thought were marginal, but turned out to be the most profitable.  He did it in a way that made me feel comfortable, in control, and most importantly clear!  Clear about the direction and the outcome.  Gary, also, put me in contact with other people who were in a position to positively impact the project.

If you are currently experiencing challenges in your business, I highly recommend Gary Rosensteel, definitely a “Business Therapist”.  However, unlike the stereotypical idea people have about “therapists”, Gary does not have you lay down on a couch and just vent.  He is all about actions, RIGHT actions that save you time, money, and put you on the profitable track all business owners dream of.

Zineb Outnouna

CEO & Founder

Atlas Dreams Languages

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